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Xplore - Twilight Sky

Danny Lloyd ((Sudbeat - Proton - Lowbit))
Nice Release! Thanks.

Tuxedo (Proton Radio/Particles/Electronic Tree)
Great original!

Paul Lennar (Proton/Classound/Dopamine/Bermudos/Future Synth/Mistique Music/S)

Kris Brown / Castano (Intercity Records, Stripped)
All tracks are worthy here, top release :)

Chris Johnson (Lowbit / Axon / B:Co / Spring Tube)
Absolute stunners. Well played! 

PHW (PHW, Media)
That original is one of a kind, top track for the first half of the year overall, just an amazing ride from start to finish! 

Stas Casper 
Summer...nice original

Aurora Nights Project (Mistique Music/TM Radio)
Original is awsome, tnx!

Yuriy From Russia (Outside The Box, Baroque, Proton, Sick Watona, Dark Pleasure)
Xplore is an amazing artist! Grabbing the whole release!

Adnan Jakubovic (DAR Digital,OLD SQL,Carica, Mistique)
First track, thanks !

Sonsez (Magic Room)
nice ;)

Luciano Scheffer (Mistique Music,Massive Harmony Records, Stellar Fountain,BIT Rec)
All three tracks are great. Good job and thank you!

Oscar Vazquez 
Original for me. Thanks

Milan Bogdanovic (Insomniafm, Bobar)
Good pack, thank you.

Kenny Substance (Pure Substance / Redflux Cinnabar / Ohrwurm KL)
nice original from xplore!

Jason Owen (Evoked, Polytechnic, San Holo, Lowlife Originals)
Original for me

Alex Villanueva (Lowbit/AgaraMusic/Mirabilis/Baroque/B.C.S.A./B:Co/3rd Avenue)
very nice ep

Stas Drive (Hope, MicroCastle, Lost & Found, Lowbit, Flow Vinyl, Dopamin)
Nice sound here !

Daniel Gomez (PulseContentMusic/KTR/Green Snake/Balkan Connection SA/Evoked)
Great Releases Here Thanks!!!

Julian Rodriguez (Massive Harmony / Mistique / Sound Avenue / Balkan / Stellar )
PM mix is great! But i like the others mixes too.. Great EP, thanks!

Ben Hysa (InsomniaFM, GWM Radio)
Original for me here... Thanx

David Podhel (BCSA, Mistique Music, Massive Harmony Records)
Great release Thanks :)

Mark Found (Bonzai/Suffused/Mistique/Tm-radio/RadioBoker/ Tempo radio)
thanks grat for me Xplore Twinlight Sky original nice!

Dio S (Baroque/BCSA/Stellar Fountain/Balkan Connection Tech/)
Nice pack. thanx!!

Hans Tavera (Afterhours Radio Show 99.1 FM)
Full Support!

olegario (ReluxUnderground Music, iTech)
original is amazin'! summer and cosmic

Sean McClellan (Bedrock, Source of Gravity, Baroque, Stripped Recordings)
Original and AMX for me. Thanks 

Jewel Case & Luigi (LFO Recordings) 
Original for me. Thanks, excellent pack, very good Balkan

Di Rugerio (Uxoa Dutxa Elite, BCT, SOE, )

Xplore - Time Travel Remixes

Nick Warren (hope recordings, way out west)

good work from kasey as always

Hernan Cattaneo

very good remix

Nick K. (Lowriders, Yoshitoshi,Armada)

great summer vibe!

Dibby Dougherty (Yello - Bedrock)

great stuff

Dave Seaman

D/L for Dave, I think he'll like, cheers, Steve Parry. SMP3 Music Management steve@smp3.co.uk

Jamie Stevens (Chameleon|Curfew|Iboga|Get Physical)

VERY nice, Kase!!

Tobias Hoppe (Pure Substance, Further,...)

AMAZING!!! This is progressive house just how I love it! (I hope my remix, I'm going to do for this EP, will be as half as good as this one hehehe.) I will play it out!!!!

Omid 16B (Worldwide)

killa !!!

dPen (Hope Recs, Silene Through Music)

Diggin it!!

Chloe Harris (Proton, Mistique Music)

awesome kasey.

Manuel Sofia (Sudbeat - Natura Sonoris - Global Underground - Hope - Audio The)

Smooth remix!! Nice work Kasey!! Thanks!!

Lemon8 (8TM / Bandung / Frisky / Plus8 / Satellite Recordshop)

Kasey rocks as always.. as does Substance. Great combo :-)

Sound Process

really nice remix. Thanks!

Monaque (Get Physical, microCastle)

Good Remix !

Barry Jamieson (Circular Sound Recordings)

Nice mix from kasey. Cool groover. defo support

Xplore (ViseVersa/Rune/PureSubstance/Balkan/Seamless/)

super cool remixes! i love it!

Victoria R

love it, great work!

Mental X (SOG Rec / Swiss National Radio DRS VIRUS)


Spesh (Loöq Records, Qoöl)

well done deepness. great stuff.

Cid Inc

cool remix from Kasey 

Evren Ulusoy (I Records / Plastic City / Loco / Proton / Outside The Box / I R)


Victor G (OMP/PureSubstance)

kasey taylor's mix playlisted!

Seb Dhajje (Hope, Anjunadeep)

Great package, support :)!

Ryan Luciano (Divert/Light/Stripped)

Kasey's Remix is brilliant will chart! Support! Thanks

Jairus Miller (Source of Gravity, Redfluc Cinnabar, Hunya Munya, Toes in the Sa)

Sweet stuff here, especially the Kasey Taylor version. Kudos.

Matan Caspi (Spinnin', UDR, Pacha, Harem)

Kasey's mix rulez on this pack. Nomean's also not bad. thx.

Schaamteloos DJs (Resident djs of club panama)

nomean mix is great!

Suzy Solar (Solar Power Music)

Nomean remix is for me, thanks:)

Mark Brown (C2 Records)

downloading for mark 

C-Jay (Plusquam, The Sessions, Baroque, Iboga, Vapour, DanceTunes Radio)

kasey remix for me... very nice tune. will defo play.

Blue amazon (Convert Recordings)

Quality release, I'm going for the "Nomean Remix " on this 1.

Bobby Deep (Know Thyself Recs,Acuna Boyz)

mr Taylor's is sick..

Kassey Voorn (Cocoon, microCastle, Vapour)

Kasey's mix is great, thanks!

Praveen Achary (Maktub, Sound Faction)

Nice lush remix from Kasey here with a groovy remix from Nomean.

Rob W (Our House Magazine)

Nice one... Very cool remix.

Sandra Collins (Perfecto)

very nice, thanks : )

Little Mountain (Sander Kleinenberg)

Thanks! Downloading for Sander Kleinenberg.

Fady Ferraye (Audio Therapy, Frisky, Goosebumps, Faith, Outside the box, Criti)

love it.

andrew (OhrwurmKL / Sensate Events Mgmt)

compact !

Aldrin (Zouk, One With Music)

Deeply smooth

Satoshi Fumi (Klik/Plastic City/Outerspace/UrbanTorque)


Nick Chatelain

good track

Pena (Flow)

really good rmx. supporting

Andrew K (Vise Versa, GU Music, Anjunadeep, Pure Substance, Babylon)!

will play and chart, thx

Steve Mill (Urban Torque)

Really good !

DJCHUS (Stereo Productions)

good tunes

Markus Schultz

downloading thnks

ALEX & FILIP (Mirabilis, Respekt, Rekluse)

Playing it for sure.

Josh Abrams (S35 / Baroque / friskyRecords / Stripped Digital / Looq )

Damn that's sexy Kasey! Love it!

Darin Epsilon (Perspectives / Perfecto / friskyRadio / microCastle / Armada / B)

Great remix, Kasey Taylor mixes are always quality.

Hans Tavera (Afterhours Radio Show 99.1 FM)

What a Magic Remix! Loved it!

Lee Pennington (riffraff/Zoo Project)

Nice melodic stuff but a little bit too busy for my sets

T.Lectual (Baroque, Stripped, Mirabilis, Tulipa, Intellectual Mastering)

Love it! Will work perfectly in the 1st half of my sets.

DJ Samer (Spundae, Jetlag, frisky, Pangea, Source of Gravity )

cool mix.

Terence C (Zouk KL)

AMAZING Remix Kasey!

Bs As Deep (Audio Therapy - Fade - Sk supreme - )

nice track !! i love it ! thanks

Gary Saville (Polytechnic, Olaris, Pure Substance)

Kasey Taylor Mix is beautiful. The melody is nice and subdued, while the bass keeps the track driving. Tobias Hoppe's Mix adds some nice techy elements, yet keeps the hypnotic vibe. Great EP. 

Eric J (Source of Gravity)

Very cool. Will support.

Nicholas Van Orton (Balkan Connection South America)

kasey delivering as usual

Onirika (Proton Radio Discopiu.com)

Xplore, as always, shows his skillness. support. thank you.

Yamil Colucci (Balance Series / Hope Recordings)


Matt Black (Segment records)

Very nice remix by Kasey Taylor

G 'N' P Tauro (Balkan Connection / BCSA / Pure Substance)


d-phrag (friskyradio.com)

great job from Kasey!!!

Sasha Le Monnier [C.O.U. Muzi! k ] (Stripped Digital,Source Of Gravity)

Thanks downloading, sweet remix from Kasey!

Gerardo Boscarino (Frisky Radio)

nice tune. will play

ZUR-FACE (G.U. - Pure Substance)

nice, nice rmx! good work indeed !

Summer (Brendon Collins) (Tulipa / Eevonext / Regular / Silence Through Music)

I really like all three, each is very different, but quality. Thanks!


Nice smooth vibes


Wicked remix from Kasey

Rysh Paprota (Pure Substance, Polytechnic)

Epic remix, really rolling stuff from Kasey, will definately be supporting. Can't wait to hear the other remixes as well :)

timbenjamin (friskyradio (encore))

very nice work, thanks

Johan Nilsson (Digitally Imported Radio)

All remixes are strong here. Kasey Taylor might be my favorite of them though. Will support in our prog channel

Dj NaDi (Monogamma)


Alex Deep (Pure Substance/Gooseneck Records))

Very cool remixes!!!

Darko De Jan (Armani Prive)

Kasey Taylor remix for me. Thanx

Ernest Luminor (Flextone, Polytechnic)

a good collection of remixes here!!

Tash (Movement/Tribalvision/Vapour/Baroque..)


Stefan Bauer (progressive-world.at)

Kasey delivers an awesome summerish tune! nomean remix is also very good! thanks a lot

Joe Sweeney (Outside Recordings / 10 mm Onega Recordings)

kasey taylor can do no wrong

Hyline (Hyline Music, Baroque, Mcgroove, DI.FM)

Kassey Taylor remix is going into my bag, will play it out! support

Mitch Alexander (microCastle)

really smooth stuff from Kasey!

Norman H (Stripped)

good remix !


Great remix from Kasey!

Xplore - 44 Light Years

Hernan Cattaneo

Good stuffs!

Kasey Taylor (Vapour Recordings/eVapour8)

Top stuff here mate! :)

Barry Jamieson (Circular Sound Recordings)

Really great music. Love it

Norman H (Stripped)

wicked album 

Eelke Kleijn (Outside the Box, GU, Manual)

very nice album, will support some of these tracks in my sets :)

Omid 16B (Worldwide)


Tobias Hoppe (Pure Substance, Further,...)

WOW - this is truely amazing! Another masterpiece of my friend Adi. I love all tracks here both for playing in my sets and listening at home or in my car!

Dave Seaman

D/L for Dave,Steve ParryrSMP3 Music Management steve@smp3.co.uk

Manuel Sofia (Sudbeat - Natura Sonoris - Global Underground - Hope - Audio The)

some good stuff here, thank's

Miss Nine (Armada / Black Hole / Yoshitoshi / Harem | Proton Radio)

Like this a lot! Good job

dPen (Hope Recs, Silene Through Music)

Nice album, Orbiting the 3rd planet is my favorite here!

Mental X (SOG Rec / Swiss Public Radio DRS VIRUS)

great works, full support

Kenny Substance (PureSubstance/Redflux/OhrwurmKL)

what a beautiful journey of music by Xplore! Happy to see it on the label!

ZUR-FACE (G.U. Pure Substance)

Thank u Xplore my friend 4 this Album, we love it.

Blue amazon (Convert Recordings)

An Excellent mood driven album. too many good tracks to single out 1, great to feature in DJ sets as well as a perfect listening experience

DJ Samer (Spundae, Jetlag, frisky, Pangea, Source of Gravity )

Awesome album!

Fady Ferraye (A! udio Therapy, Frisky, Goosebumps, Faith, Outside the box, Crit! i) 

So me cool stuff here, but could have been better IMO a 4 trax solid ep ;) Orbiting the 3rd planet, Emerald Amulet (original) are the best here.

timbenjamin (friskyradio (encore))

great sphere, thanks. I like orbiting the 3rd planet and time travel


this will get some play for sure

Nick Chatelain

nice tracks

Rysh Paprota (Pure Substance, Polytechnic)

Amazing collection of music from Xplore, hes really outdone himself this time. Can't really pick a favourite but I have always loved Time Travel :D


Great lp :)

Pena (Flow)

some good stuff. thxx

Little Mountain (Sander Kleinenberg)

Thanks! Downloading for Sander Kleinenberg. 

Darin Epsilon (Perfecto, friskyRadio, Perspectives, Baroque)

I love Xplore's sound. You can hear all the hard work that went into this album. Very nicely done.

Naveen G (listed, Proton Radio)

crisp production, cohesive album. good work!

Rob W (Our House Magazine)

Xplore makings quality stuff as usual! 'Ion Drive' in particular rocks.

Onirika (Disc-Jockey.It Proton Radio Discopiu.com)

Amazing album... thank you!

BiG AL / Beat Factory (ReadyMix, GU, Baroque, Vapour, Nightbird, Proton, B018)

Good stuff!!! Will support in my Beat Factory sets. Cheers

Bobby Deep (Know Thyself Recs,Acuna Boyz)

top work...thnx

G 'N' P Tauro (Balkan Connection / BCSA / Pure Substance)

Wonderful album! Love Ancient Artefact. Really nice for listen and chill. Thanks

Markus Schultz

nice pack thnks

Sasha Le Monnier [ C.O.U. Muzik ] (Stripped Digital,Source Of Gravity)

Great Album from Xplore, showing his skills off here. downloading!

Sandra Collins (Perfecto)

great package .. support ! thanks

d-phrag (friskyradio.com)!

always loved Adrian's keen sense for good melody, and this! album only proves his talent. So many gems inside. Thanks!!!

Josh Abrams (S35 / Baroque / friskyRecords / Stripped Digital / Looq / Polyte)

Beautiful music! Thanks!

Chris Sterio (Source of Gravity/My Promo Pool/Proton Radio)

Really really cool album, an early Xmas present!

Distant Fragment (Black Hole,System,Epsilon Trax,Vise Versa,Beat Freak,Morphosis,H)

Great work! I'll definetely play some of these either at home or in my sets.

Matt Black (Segment records)

Really nice album from Adrian, Ancient artifact, Orange moon and Solar system are the highlights for me but the more ambient and breaksy tracks are very nice as well

Eric J (Source of Gravity)

Great album, good for listening or the dance floor. Will support!

Andrew K (Vise Versa, GU Music, Anjunadeep, Pure Substance, Babylon)

this goes straight to my ipod, cheers

Yamil Colucci (Sudbeat/Hope/OTB)

Legendary Time Travel , ambient mix is nice , superb! Thanks !

Summer (Brendon Collins) (Tulipa Recordings)

Great work by Adrian. I'm digging the whole album, but Ancient Artefact, Space Object 7, Orbiting, and Ion Drive are my favs. Thanks!!

Mitch Alexander (microCastle )

some nice tracks on the album, a good listen!

Nicholas Van Orton (Balkan Connection South America)

Nicely done! thanks :)

Hans Tavera (Afterhours Radio Show 99.1 FM)

Super Tracks! Full Support!

Sound Gypsy (Kindred Sounds, Arabica)

Liking the chiller tracks on here. Emerald amulet and awakening are my picks. Album flows really well.

soulmelt (producer+ DJ) (http://www.soulmelt.com/)

Great album, will play in next radio mix for sure.rNot sure which track, orange moon stand out :)

Tash (Movement/Tribalvision/Vapour/Baroque..)

thnx! good ! stuff!!

Joe Sweeney (Outside Recordings / 10 mm ! Onega Re cordings)

really liking this one guys. thanks for sharing

Ernest Luminor (Flextone, Polytechnic)

Nice work from Xplore. Time Travel is still rulin' Ancient Artefact, Space Object 7, Emerald Amulet (Breaks Mix), Emerald Amulet (Ambient Mix), are the other stand-out tracks for me! Bravo!

Max Demand (Garen Daren) (Proton / Soulman / Deep Beep)

Nice songs!


It's great sound. Space Object 7, Orange Moon are wonderful!

Dj NaDi (Monogamma)

Great album! Full support!

Johan Nilsson (Digitally Imported Radio)

Cool stuff indeed. Will support in our Progressive Channel

Hyline (Hyline Music, Baroque, Mcgroove, DI.FM)

some very nice tracks on this album, thanks

Stefan Bauer (progressive-world.at)

some very strong tunes on there! Awakening is my fav! love the oldschool prog sounds on most of the tunes!

Gesiete (Zero DB Music/Avangardia/Per-Vurt/Pure Substance/Onward)

Very nice!.. I like all tracks.. =)

Aldrin (Zouk, One With Music)

Nice deep tech house vibe on Orange Moon, lovely deep melodic broken beat-ish intro on Ancient Artefact, which I thought would have been perfect if the entire track was done that way. 

Syzthaime - Da Game Boy (Xplore Remix)


Cool release! Original, Xplore, Mo'Funk remixes are very good.

Chriss Luzz

xplore remix for sure. nice thumpin bass ya got there...boom!


Thanks all ;)

Tash / H2AT / 41 Degrees North (Movement / Baroque / Tribal vision / Rococo / Plusquam / Echoes / System / Ao)

great work mr. Xplore, full support!


Xplore remix for me! Great stuff. ;)

G'N'P Tauro

Xplore remix is nice

Ben Coda

Very cool EP, digging Mathilde and Xplore rmx

Kenny Substance (Pure Substance Records)

mathilde and xplore remix for me!

Tobias Hoppe

very nice EP. I like all tracks but I think my faves are Mathilde and Xplore's rmx :-)

dPen (Danceradio, Frisky Radio)

Mathilde and Xplore remix for me!

Sasha Le Monnier (C.O.U Musik / Source of Gravity)

Mathilde is cool also dig the Xplore remix, nice work

Pacco & Rudy B (Proton / Monad)

Mathilde and Xplore remix!

Jalebee Cartel

solid pack !

Max Demand



I like Mathilde and Da Gameboy (Xplore Remix). Hi-Q EP. Thank you.

Matt Rowan

Xplore mix for me. Thanks for sending.

Li - polimer

I like Xplore remix here, thank's a lot :)

Josh Abrams

Nice EP! Like Mathilde and Original, Xplore & Mo' Funk mixes of Da Gameboy. Thanks!


Mathilde is amazing! I also really dig Xplore & Luca Cazzoni's rmxs. Great EP overall tho. Love the style!! :)

Xplore - Brighter Purple EP

Kasey Taylor (Vapour Recordings)

We got cash original the best one here...

Tash / H2AT / 41 Degrees North (Movement / Baroque / Tribal vision / Rococo / Plusquam / Echoes / System / Ao)

great release, xplore stuff is really cool! Solid Sky also rocks!

Tobias Hoppe

I love this EP. All tracks are great :-)

Kenny Substance (Pure Substance Records)

Xplore delivering his trademark sound. lovin both originals especially Canna Circus!

dPen (Danceradio, Frisky Radio)

Very good ep!!

Sasha Le Monnier (C.O.U Musik / Source of Gravity)

Brighter Purple both mixes and Canna Circus are cool, thanks!

Repton (Liquid Grooves. Aquasound)

very good ep, love it !!

Dub Brothers


Vinayak A (Baroque)

great release...canna circus mix for me....

Josh Abrams (Looq Records / Frisky)

Solid Sky mix of BP and Original and Canna Circus mixes of WGC for me!

Li - polimer

Brighter Purple (Progressive mix). Wonderfull journey \o/

Mo' Funk

very nice tracks, can't pick a fav here

Daniel Mehes

We got cash origi is the one :)

Krysztof Jasik (Jasik)

Great stuff yet again, Progressive Mix is the pick. Thank!

White Rhino

All great!!!

Max Demand (Tilth/Proton/Moonbeam)

Thanks, downloading mate!


great release


All 3 Brighter Purple's are dope! I also dig the Canna Circus remix of 'We Got Cash'

Joe Fisher

good progressive vibe

Chloe Harris (Mashtronic)

pretty stuff

Allen Spion

Brighter Purple (prog rmx) is my fav.

Hernan Cattaneo

good stuff

Hans Tavera (Afterhours Radio Show 99.1 FM)

Progressive Mix, classic sounds! Will play also Canna Circus!

Dennis A

Nice release! Progressive remix.Thanks!

Eddner Soares

Great!! Prog Mix and Canna Circus for me.

Xplore - Kenshi EP

Markus Schulz

Thanks for this!

Adam Brown

Both lovely tracks! Full support!

Mental X

A beautiful Epic-House Nummber! My full support!!!

Tomi Chair

Xplore Jaded remix for me! Good deep melody!

Eric J

Original is my pick here.

Matt Black

Like the original mix, more like the stuff Xplore was doing a couple of years back.

Distant Fragment

Nice flow and sounds in the Jaded remix. Feels like the proper track for the upcoming summer parties.

Jovan Gligorov (Relaxators)

Very nice release mate, nice vocal too, Xplore Jaded Remix straight away in folder for compilation options.

Ingo Vogelmann

Great work!

Pablo Acenso

Original, good, will play.


Great stuff. Also like the remix.

Flash Brothers

Original is interesting powerfull prog stuff.

Ben Coda

Thanks for this, really feeling the original mix here � lovely haunting synths!

Marc Pole

Awesome vocal.

Johan Nilsson

Usually not a fan of vocals but enjoying this one. Full support in our Progressive Channel.

George G.

Quality progressive tune.


Nice remix.

Fernando Ferreyra

Great work, i like it.

Joe Sweeney

Jaded remix is the one i like.

Selami (Selami Buyukdogan)

Xplore Jaded remix: Lovely especially bass layering sizzlez!

Hypnotic Duo


Aural Frequency (Marco Elizalde)

Nice stuff!!

Blusoul (Harris Sgourdas)

Nice tracks!

Progress Lovers (Semi Karakaay)


Hans Tavera

Xplore Jaded Remix for me, will play it!, vocal sounds good!




Good one with a good vibe, like it.

DJ Mindaugelis

Great sound.

Chris Sterio

Really nice release 8.5/10

Sasha Le Monnier

Will support the Jaded remix here, nice warm vibe!

Anton Sever (Anton Severinenko)

Good work!

Serge Devant


Phonic Deep (Alexander Iliev)



Always supporting Xplore amazing jobs!



Xplore - Space Radio Frequency EP

Gavyn Mytchell

Brilliant, love all 3 mixes. will give this full support, Thanks

David Lam

Low Gravity Transponder, slammin !

Mental X

Space radio frequency (Re-edit), massive!

Steve Marx

All 3 tracks are good

Stephen Key (Spesh)

Space radio frequency (Extented mix), superb!

Markus Schultz

Low gravity transponder (Original mix)
Thanks so much

Matan Caspi

Really Great & Quality Tune from Xplore!! Full support! (Matan Caspi)

Chloe Harris

i really like the extented mix. its ace! will be playing it lots. thanks!
low trans is really good tooo. great reelease.

Hernan Cattaneo

low gravity for me

Ben Coda

Thanks for this, couldn’t leave feedback on the link you sent, but could download the tunes...really feeling Space Radio Frequency, lovely atmospheric vibes, full support!!

Sasha Le Monnier

Lovely EP, especially like that sick bassline in the extended version of 'Space Radio frequency', great sound!
downloading all 3 and charting 'Space Radio frequency - extended version' in my June Charts

Kenny (Pure substance)

A solid package from Segment. Xplore is back in action and this release is another wicked package!!
Kenny Substance

Chris Sterio (Source of gravity)

Cool release, good to see Xplore still producing the goods!

Other support by: Artem Harchenko, Stefan Mone, Steve Bamford and Andy Moor.

Budai & Vic - Suntan Warriorz (xplore mix)

Andy Cato / Groove Armada

Rating: 2/5

Vincent Kwok / San Francisco :

The Xplore Techy Mix works for me!

Dave Storm / Ibiza Global Radio / Barcelona, Spain

Hard to pick....it's probably Xplore's mix that I like the most...solid mixes all the way...will support

Dave Seaman / Newark, England

original is good, xplore mix is good too

Deepfunk - Spacehead (xplore remix)

(got only one review this time, but it really counts :))

Paul Oakenfold

- Xplore's remix, 8/10.

Drip - Morning After (Xplore remixes)


Xplore : Drip Manilla - Morning After (xplore remixes)

Hernan Cattaneo

Really like 4 (Xplore Night Stare Dub Mix)

Paul Sidoli / Sasha

Waves for Python & Xplore.

Djuma Soundsystem

Pure Substance keep on spoiling us with deep, trippy and hypnotic prog!!

Hans Tavera

OriginalMix 5/5 & XploreNightWatchMix 4/5. XploreNightWatchMix already in my case! Thank you!

Matt Black

Really like the Xplore dub of Morning After, reminds me of the old epic house sound that people like Blue Amazon used to do, just building and building, nice! In his January chart.

Eric J

Xplore Night Watch Mix, Xplore Night Stare Mix & Dub are all really great. Really feeling the vibe with these mixes. Will support! - (4/5)

Darin Epsilon

Hey wow, I wasn't expecting to hear some jazzy drum and bass on Pure Substance. Original mix and Xplore Night Watch Mix are my two favorites here. Nice soothing vocals.

Tomi Chair

Xplore Night Stare Dub Mix for me! really nice!

Sasha Le Monnier (C.O.U. Muzik)

Super Pack here, will be supporting this and charting, especially like the Xplore remixes.


Love this acid bass!! great remix. (Xplore Night Stare Mix)

Distant Fragment

Interesting ep man. I like the Xplore Night Watch Mix especially.

Jovan Gligorov (Relaxator, USB)

Wow!!! This release is a killer! Definitely in my folder for the next compilations. More of this please.

Johan Nilsson (di.fm)

Enjoying the Xplore mixes and will support them in our progresssive channel.

Chris Sterio

Good set of mixes. 8/10

Ad Brown / Maxi Valvona

The Xplore nightwatch watch mix is wicked!!!!


The Xplore and Python remixes are straight ACEs. Both have done a remarkable job here. Thumbs up. Full support.

Praveen Achary

Love the original, great d'n'b feel & sounds like a great band! As for the remixes, the 'Xplore Night Watch Mix' & 'Python's Dark Dancing Mix' do it for me.

Samer Salhab aka Dj Samer

Xplore's remixes are very very good. Python turns in an honorable mention as well. Thanks.

Roger Palmerin

Xplore Night Watch Mix, Like the atmosphere this track takes me too. Nice track to get people into a trance.

Tom Beltor

Xplore Night Watch Mix, Great Track and Remix!

Edge Howk

Yura Popov Romantic Dusk Mix, Wow !! what a track love it!!

Josh Abrams

Xplore night watch mix for me.

Ingo Vogelmann

Python Dark Dancing Mix, BOMB. Xplore Night Watch Mix, HUGE! Xplore Night Stare Mix, Classy as the complete release!

Mert Onat

Xplore Night Watch Mix, Very good deep & melodic track. I'm supporting.

Matias Chilliano - Inflight (Xplore remix)

Aeron Aether

My favourites in this pack are the Dave Ferol remix for it's smootness and for the piano in the breakdown, the Faces remix for the massive drums, and the Xplore remix for the unique view of the track.

Chris Sterio

Matias Chilano - In Flight (Xplore Remix) - Great remix!  Love it!!!!!!Matias Chilano - In Flight (Dave Ferol Remix) Progressive breaks with some realy attitude!!!!!  Will play

Sean Mcclellan

Xplore mix on the money :-) 8/10

Darin Epsilon

(USA) 'Xplore remix is definitely the one to have.  Thumpy kick drum with some drama and atmosphere, the melodic prog DJs will love this sound! Rest of the mixes are nice and floaty, would sustain on a radio show but would be very adventurous for a DJ to drop on the dancefloor.' - 4/5 

Sasha Le Monnier (UK)

'Great package here with planey to choose from, all mixes are good in their own little way!' - 4.5 / 5

Umut Anacoglu

Matias has big talent yes ! but this part of the EP is the weak one of all the parts of the Long Experience EP. Although Silence'O'Phobia and Xplore remixes taste quality. Faces does a great synth again..
In most of sets these tracks could be a good 2nd song ! Melody is simple but work on the melody is cool ! LuPS is in good way !


Quality Ep Bro, all remixes are pretty solid but the one that stands out the most for me is Xplore's Remix LOVE it :-)

Matt Black

Been a while since i heard anything from Xplore and his remix is up to his usual high standard, great stuff!

Steve Marx, Loop Music

Great release this, so many different mixes to choose from all with their own merits. The standout mix for me though is the Xplore remix this guy is on fire.Will be giving this my full support.

Ian 3dge (UK)

Xplore remix my pick for warmup' - 3/5

Royal Sapien

Thanks for the promo! Nice release. I think the Xplore and Silence-O-Phobia mixes are for me. All the best

Silence 'O' Phobia

Dave Ferol mix is quite nice, good chilled melodies.
Phonic remix was also nice, good rework of the original and nice new additions in it. Silence O Phobia remix was cool, had a sweet groove going on.
The original is great! and the remixes are realy great!
Realy great collection of remixers who made good work!
not only one style on the ep, lot of varied versions.
best wishes for LuPs records! gReG

DJ Marcus

(USA) 'The Xplore and Dave Ferol Remixes are very solid. Will use both. Nice release!' - 4.5/5

Memo Insua (Mexico)

'Great job of Xplore Remix. I Like the way he made a  strong bassline --- with soul' - 3/5

Miss Nine (Netherlands)

Favs: In Flight (Original), In Flight (Phonic Deep Remix)) "Nice EP with nice remixes" - 4.5/5

Xplore - Atari 400 EP


Xplore - Atari 400 EP reviews

Luke Porter

Cheers for the heads up on this release. I'm really into Rise Up - really subtle, groovy stuff.

Greg Benz

Pretty funky.


Atari 400 is excellent!

Flash Brothers

One is two - interesting tech house tune :-)

DJ Mindaugelis

Wicked tech sound , mua!

Darin Epsilon

: I think One Is Two is my favorite.  Good melody and enough of a chug to keep the crowd moving.  I am really digging Xplore's style lately.  Thanks for the share.

Royal Sapien

Loving the vibe on NY6pm, great groove. Perfect for New York at 6pm. :)  Orange Drop will work well in my sets -- I can play it before or after Gui Boratto. Cool shuffle and nice layering of melodies. Rise Up is nice and chunky, it will be wicked on a dancefloor.

Karl Lambert

Really like One Is Two and Rise Up, savage tracks right up my street, will be playing them on my radio show...

Facundo Romano

Nice, nice & nice EP, congratulations again for this quality stuff!!

Arjun (Jalebee Cartel)

Xplore's EP is fantastik !!! all the tunes are superbly produced!! like atari 400 the most .. kind of stuff i'm playing now.


One is Two is a multi-layered, nice little gem -- on the quieter side, perfect for a warm-up track. Rise Up and Atari 400 are fresh sounding builder tracks with driving basslines.  Those 3 in my bag!


Atari 400 will do for me, nice release! 8/10

Kenny Substance (Pure Substance)

Q for Quality ! Xplore delivers some nice works here!

M&D Substance

He owns the house!!! Awesome ep, full support.

Matt Black

A really good Ep, stand out tracks are NY6pm and Orange drop, not as melodic as his usual stuff but i like this change of direction.

Evgeny Bardyuzha

Really top-notch quality tech-house! Possibly play one of the tracks in my radio show! I think "Rise Up" is the best for me...but everything is cool for tech-house lovers.


Superb groove with delicious deep elements. will play for sure.

Victoria R

Rise Up it's aleady in my case, loved it! ;)

Lee Bradley

Loads of feeling, very good track ;)

Mental X

Many thanks for this great release! will play def. "atari400 & ny6pm" in my sets and also at my radio show!


Quality stuff on NY6pm, loving those little random effects!

David Christopher (Deviant)

Excellent release!  NY6pm is my favorite of the EP.  Perfect tunes for chiller sets and afterhours.


Thanks for this... I'm definitely digging Rise Up. Cool groove. Will support.

Also great feedback and support from Marius Ivanoff, Ashley Wallbridge, Dj Think, DJ Science, Brandon Jay, HappE, DJ Hano and more!

14th of january 2007

Bs As Deep - Last Angel (xplore remix)

Xplore : Bs as deep - Last angel (xplore remix)

Chloe Harris

[further/progressive-sounds] : ..i think xplore took it to a very cool place. real spacey but has that good mood and groove also. nice.

Matt Darey

: Really liking the Xplore mix.

Thomas Wagner

: Like the Xplore mix.

Damien Chicken

: Good set of mixes here... like the sounds in the original, the tribal rhythms of the Stereo K mix, the funkiness of the Xplore Remix (my fave) and the bassiness of Jacco Mix. Good stuff.

Thomas Sagstad

: Xplore remix is nice, good for start of radio shows

Luke Porter

: Xplore mix is doing it for me here

Joerg Jakober

: xplore mix is also good, nice bouncy feeling!

Rick Warner / Resident Advisor / Big Shot Magazine

I really enjoyed the Xplore remix. It's groovy and techy with those awesome synth stabs and percussion. Great Debut!;

13th of december 2007

Python - Expectation (Xplore remix)

Xplore : Python - Expectation (xplore remix reviews)

Stereo K

- This one is the most mainstream! Original vocal mix is very radio friendly tune and 4Mal mix will really work on the dancefloor! All other mixes are also good with Xplore's mix as my choice.

Steve Loop

- The 4Mal mix of this is wicked. Out in Romania this weekend so will defo be playing the Xplore mix at both gigs.

Alex Mango

- Easy & smooth Original by the Python guys and a very nice job on a remixing duty by Xplore! Lushy tune.

Mark Kovachs

- I am really into these guys at the moment. Everything i've heard from them has been very good. Couple of good mixes. The 4Mal mix is my fav. The Xplore remix takes me back a little...without sounding dated. Will chart & play.

Stefan Bauer (Progressive World)

- Xplore mix for me!

Adi Dumitra

- Playing Xplore remix.

Dj Harsh

- Diggin the original Vocal and Dub, really deep and groovy. The Xplore mix is nice as well.

Paul Kwitek

- Xplore remix! Nice!

You can check full reviews on Pure Substance website.

11th of december 2007

Moshic, Sasha le Monnier, Andrew K support Xplore remixes on Gudowski's Late night trip EP :)

Xplore : Gudowski - Late night trip (xplore remixes reviews) Andrew K - Both Xplore remixes are really good, prefer the Sun & Moon one.

Stereo K

- Very interesting track. Really enjoy Xplore's mixes.


- I like it as in my world. My fav version Marcooz mix but Xplore's Sun & Moon Mix is a bit better mixing. Good work. I'll play it soon.

Rodrigo Espinoza

- Xplore Full On Prog is the remix for me. Xplore always bring a great sound on his production. From the begining you know this track is gonna be a great journey.

Chris Sterio

- Xplore mix doing the job. Good to see him on Pure Substance again.

Mei Yew Hon

- Gudowski release is very cool and subtle.

Matt Black

- I think the Arek Bal remix is the best one for me. It's different in a good way and i also quite like the Xplore Full On Prog Mix.

Sasha Le Monnier

- Can see myself playing this Dub version, very nice for the beginning of sets!! Xplore's Full On Prog mix, definately my fav out of all of them, has a great build with lovely vocals! Arek Bal mix has nice variety of sounds here with glitch, acid, electro...cool remix! Marcooz remix, nice deep deep prog !


- Xplore Full On Prog Mix and Marcooz Saturday Night Mix for me! Both are atmospheric like i like it and spacy!

Rob Passow (Disciples of Sound)

- Xplore Full On Prog Mix is superb.

Tobias Hoppe

- I love the release from Gudowski. My fav is Xplore Full On Prog remix. I will definately play it. Maya Ismo remix sounds very special and interesting too.

Stefan Bauer (Progressive World Redaktion)

- The Xplore mixes are nice, will play them! Original is good too!

You can check full reviews on Pure Substance's website.

17th of august 2007

Xplore - Time Travel EP reviewed by Progressive World, Austria

You can find the link here.

Here's the translated german review :

Xplore : Time Travel EP gets review from Progressive World webzine, Austria

Xplore is probably the finest progressive export from Romania - its releases are played by many DJs up and down. Therefore it is also amazing that the title track of Time Travel EP was used by Hernan Cattaneo on its last Renaissance Compilation.

Xplore „Time Travel“ starts without a large intro equal with kicking beats and unites fine melodies, which are supported already soon by a warm bass line. The track is extremely sphericalally held by various Vocal effects which underlines it - therefore probably the title „Time Travel “. We have however a good track before us, which is well suitable for the Warmups in the club.

„Aquatic People“ reminded me equal to beginning of tracks of Perry O'Neil around the 2004 time around. It happens also here very progressive, but at the same time also very melodiös and trancy. A very beautiful piano melody emerges here occasionally, which revalues „Aquatic People“ still once.

„Near The Energy core“ is rather for the very late hours in the Afterhour club. The track sounds sometimes much to oldschool and remembered progressive disks around the turn of the century (particularly at the beginning and at the end). The center section is also here again very melodiös held and likewise perfectly for the Warmup suitably.

With „Time Travel EP“ I cannot choose a winner - almost all tracks are approximately equivalent.

Who likes spherical, melodic and cosy progressive sounds should access here.



Xplore - Time Travel EP


Xplore - Time Travel EP reviews

Hernan Cattaneo -

included Time Travel for Renaissance 'Sequential 2' Mix CD.

Pole Folder

- Excellent release.

Thomas Barthmann (Mental X)

- Time Travel & Near The Energy Core are big ! Will play it !

Ben Sowton

- Is this available for licensing ?

Joel Xavier

- Really wicked grooves - very Urban Torque like but a bit proggier.

Andrew K

- I love almost every track by Xplore. Big driving progressive at its best.

Kosmas Epsilon

- Time Travel and Aquatic People for me. Subliminal music and fresh beats. Perfect for my warmups.

Rodrigo Espinoza

- I was really looking forward on playing this for a while since Hernan put it on his cd. Love 'Time Travel' as the rest of the tracks.

Facundo Romano

- Incredible sound, magic moments will make with this productions. One of the best tracks of the year.

Guillaume Nyckees (Radio Galaxie 95.30FM)

- Great EP ! Peaceful and deep that is the right words to describe it. Will support in my radio show.

Terence C (Zouk Club KL)

- Really cool EP !! Will definitely play them especially Time Travel !

Matt Black

- Really nice EP. All 3 tracks are nice but Near The Energy Core is my fave.

Fred Numf

- Time Travel... Wicked. Will play out in my set in LA this weekend.

Nicholas Van Orton

- Excellent tracks !! Will play them.

Arjun Vagale

- Wow.. amazing EP from Xplore. Love all three tunes !!

Stefan Bauer (Progressive World Editor)

- Time Travel is one of my favs of Hernan's compilation! This will surely get a review on progressive-world !

Joe Sweeney

- First two tracks will def get play from me.

Matt Rowan

- I like all three - he's a very talented producer !

Dj Pena

- Time Travel is the one for me. Will give it a play soon.


- Really like the whole release ! Exactly our style ! Deep space atmosphere and emotional melodies ! Our full support ! Will chart it for the next month @ Proton Radio.


- I pretty like Time Travel which feel like a old school deep/progressive track.

Dario Epsilon

- This is quite a nice package ! Good things can be found in all three tracks. Really enjoying a lot of Xplore's recent work. Near The Energy Core is my favorite.

Dj Lion

- Very good melody progressive will be supported on the show. For me, Near The Energy Core is the best on this EP. Keep it up and respect.

Sam Greive (Native) - Digging all 3 tracks especially 'Near The Energy Core'. Love the mood used in all tracks. Top stuff.

Damon G - Thanks for the wicked music as of late. You can definitely add me to the list of supporting dj's.

Eelke Kleijn

- Time Travel is excellent !! One of the first atmospheric progressive tracks in a while i've really enjoyed. Will definitely play it. Xplore is doing well. Charted for August.

Tobias Hoppe

- I like all 3 tracks but my fav is "Near The Energy Core". This track is the best of all for me at the moment. 10/10. It's incredibly deep and the melody is fantastic. Charted at No 1. Time Travel : also a stunning melody and atmosphere. I will play it out ! 9/10

Trance.nu reviews Xplore - Time Travel

Xplore : Trance.nu review for Time Travel

"... Another effortless mix brings in a production from Cattaneo himself ever so slightly picking up the pace with a deep, funky bassline that morphs into the slightly grittier bass of Xplore – Time Travel . Cattaneo is now locked into a hypnotic groove and the mixing is quite frankly stunning...."

22nd of january 2007

Armin Van Buuren supports Jose Acosta - Soundness (Xplore rmx)

Also : Andrew K / Matt Rowan / M&D Substance / Ariel Cybana / Boris Gluck / Leoni / Marcus Wortley / Fernando Ortiz and DJ Taucher.

Xplore - Russia vs. Romania EP


Frederik (Pako & Frederik) Holland

...Also really like 'Sun Deep' by Xplore. Liquid Silver is also a nice track.

Eelke Kleijn, Holland

Nice stuff here again ! I like the sound of Star Gazer, Sun Deep. Will play those.

Paul Kwitek (Existence Records), Poland

Great tracks. All 3 Xplore tracks are well produced & i can see them mix nicely in my dj sets. Overall this is a great release.

Emanuel Phaz (Atlant Recods, Sentient Audio Collective) Greece

Will dig mostly Xplore tracks. Star Gazer is definitely gonna be included in my first On Demand set & my June chart ! Solid stuff & pure melodic ! 8/10

Samer Salhab (Pangea Recordings) USA

I love the most Xplore tracks. They are very well produced, especially the breaks track. Very nice & melodic, but driving as well. I'll see if these go down well in SF this weekend.

Arjun Vagale (Jalebee) India

..and Silver Liquid... oh wow... totally diggin the melodic breaks vibe...beautiful melodies. 10/10 for sure.

Robin Fitter (Inqline Records, Navigate Recordings, Fitalic) Holland

The Xplore tracks are amazing !!! Very deep and nice melodic.

Thee-O (Balance Record Pool) USA

- Varied package. All good tracks. A nice one to add to the collection. 7/10

Andy Hughes (Balance Record Pool)

- Moscow Bears & Star Gazer best for me on this one. Good stuff ! 7/10

Deepsky (Balance Record Pool) USA

- Wave Motion is cool. 7/10

J-Punch (Hook The Captain) Balance Record Pool, USA

- I like the deeper stuff on here. The Sun Deep track is really nice.

ThumpRadio! (Balance Record Pool)

- This is a tough one because all of the tracks are solid. I like the style & sound of Xplore. The breaks, the darker remix and the lighter remix. I can really use these tracks because they are so different and can really move a dancefloor and work great.

John Mack (Balance Record Pool) USA

- Not playing but a very well done all around EP. This should be great success for Pure Substance.

Chloe Harris (Balance Record Pool)

- Wave Motion - Beautiful, nice and groovy. Sun Deep - stunning stuff. I'm going to play this for my warm up at home sets. Genius Music. 8/10

Ron Levy (Shylock) Balance Record Pool

- I guess Russia wins this round. Feeling 'Wave Motion' the most of the bunch.

Ryan Sullivan, South Africa

- Awesome EP! All in all, this is a wicked package, a little something for every part of the evening which is wicked.

Xplore - Silver Liquid

Boris Gluck (Club Five/Progressive Felonies) Washington DC

Amazing track. Deep proggy sounds blended with a great break beat. Definitely another major score for dp-6 vs xplore ep.

The Mystic Force (Rotationz.be/Topradio/Outsoon Mag (Belgium) Go Mag (Holland) Belgium

Awesome breaks. Wicked tune. Chilling edge in which really turns me on. 8/10

John Kim (M3, Chicago/DroptheBass, San Francisco)

Good opening track. Nice percussion. 8/10

Thomas Nastos (A&R Fiberlineaudio/FREEZE Mag) Greece

Excellent progressive breaks. Loving it. 9/10

Chris Niteshake (A&R Raucocue Rec) Greece

Quality breaks track. Good production. 8/10

Tarmo Vannas (ETN.fm/Frisky Radio/Radio 2 (Estonia) TechTribe) Estonia

Sounds like nice atmospheric prog breaks ! 7/10

Onirika (LDU Records/Screen Recordings Limited) Italy

Its a real liquid silver. I can imagine it! A track that gives feelings & have a great atmosphere. Very good. 7/10

Lifeform aka Andre Castro (Link / Droog (Lisbon) Portugal

- Inpredictable... Great Arps. 8/10

Xplore - Sun Deep

Guillaume Nyckees (Radio Galaxie 95.30FM, France/Special Radio, Russia/Radio Emotion, Bulgaria) France

Very nice deep tune. Will play it to close a prog set. Hope to catch an ambient mix of this one.

DJ Major (Womb.tv/Voode Lounge/club Blue/Nocturnal, Miami) USA

Top shelf ! Brilliant opening up tune. 8/10

DJ Taucher (Additive/Scuba/Avalanche/Soundworx.tv/Sunshine-Live.de) Germany

this guy seems to have the feeling to produce good music. Sensational smooth track with light melodic pumping bass, positive wave and dreamy atmospheric programmed sounds. It is the second track listen to from these release, and i am blown against the wall. Thanks for it.

Liquid Light (A&R Blue Bass Records) Greece

Nice Deep One ! 8/10

Luke Porter (Pressure.net.au/circulated.net) Australia

Nice deep smooth track. Great for chill out or warm up part of a set. 7/10

Boris Gluck (Club Five/Progressive Felonies) Washington DC

Chillout, deep and well done. Pure and full of proggy sounds. Definitely an upcoming likes of the big name djs. 10/10

The Mystic Force (Rotationz.be/Topradio/Outsoon Mag (Belgium) Go Mag (Holland) Belgium

Another deep proggy thing to create the perfect afterhours moments. Cool Tune. 8/10

Night Architeks (77002.com Promotions, Tasty Lick Records) USA

Excellent deep track with awesome melodies. 10/10

Chris Niteshake (A&R Raucocue Rec) Greece

My Fav. Very moody track & pads. Simple programming but effective deep sound. Very impressed by this one. In my bag ( i hope for a long time ) 9/10

Tarmo Vannas (ETN.fm/Frisky Radio/Radio 2 (Estonia) TechTribe) Estonia

Sounds like lovely deep tech house ! 8/10

DJ R-Man (Spundae, LA, Frisky Radio, XTC Radio) USA

- Nice work. Definately producers and label i am gonna keep my eye on. 8/10

Sniper (Forward Promote) Mexico

- Great ideas in this track. Fantastic ! 9/10

Grid System (Composure Records / N-Code Music) UK

- Beautiful intro track - summery vibe too which is a bonus ! This and Silver Liquid are great tracks and show real talent in both the house and breaks fields. Xplore will be a name I will be watching. 9/10

High Rollers (Glen Zoteweij) GoMagazine.nl, Nederlands

- Deep and emotive. Very nice ! 9/10

Xplore - Stargazer

Boris Gluck (Club Five/Progressive Felonies) Washington DC

Again, delivering the full essence DP-6 vs Xplore's mix of synth solid beats. 9/10

DJ Taucher (Additive/Scuba/Avalanche/Soundworx.tv/Sunshine-Live.de) Germany

Another masterpiece of progressive music. This time more trancy. This track is showing up with a really pumping bass and glassclear melodic synths, a middle second bass section kicks your ass to dance...groovy and dancy. Yesterday night i played the first of the tracks with big success in my show. Many emails reached me so watch my playlist under djtaucher.de. 10/10 (playlist on 21/5/2006)

Ian James (Liquified,Atlanta)

Good big room track. Thick bassline and nice proggy sounds. Borderline trance, but done well. 7/10

DJ Jacco At Work (Drechtstad FM/078 Productions/U4EAfm.be) Netherlands

Deep pounding track. This is how progressive should sounds. Brilliant, pure and floating. 9/10

The Mystic Force (Rotationz.be/Topradio/Outsoon Mag (Belgium) Go Mag (Holland) Belgium

Uplifting vibe i really like. Straight forward melody that rocks my mind ! 8/10

John Kim (M3, Chicago/DroptheBass, San Francisco)

The type of workhorse progressive you can't go wrong with. 8/10

Tarmo Vannas (ETN.fm/Frisky Radio/Radio 2 (Estonia) TechTribe) Estonia

Great. Nice smooth atmospheric prog house ! 8/10

Monty Q (Billboard DJ/Clubs Nationwide) USA

Smooth prog track. Sparkling production on these. 7/10

Sniper (Forward Promote) Mexico

- This is an amazing track. I'm sure i'll be playing this for quite a long time. 9/10

Sean McClellan & Lee Pennington, UK

- In their June 25th Chart