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6 april 2018

Hey! It's been 3 years since I haven't posted on my website, here. This doesn't mean I didn't do nothing. :) I was working on a lot of stuff and I also did music, releasing some EPs, getting out my own record label called Subspace Transmissions, that's now on Beatport as well. Starting next month, in may 2018, I will be starting focusing myself almost exclusively on making music, with additional other things like writing or even coding for my own projects, also, on the side.

So expect some more news from now on.
Be sure to check with my Facebook page, I seem to upload news there pretty often. My Official Facebook Page

and since you are here, you can check my 2 SoundCloud pages :
Soundcloud : Xplore and
Soundcloud : Subspace Transmissions and

Cheers and see you soon, xpl

20 sep 2015

Here's my september 1st hour mix on my slot @ Pure.FM -> the progressive house channel. Enjoy

Xplore - Wednesdays with Pure Substance [20 mar 2013] - 2nd hour by Xplore on Mixcloud

4 june 2015

It's been a long while since I posted anything. 2014 summer - winter was a time of good releases on Balkan Connection. Started working from the beginning of the year on music again, and until may 2015 also managed to finish up an new album.
It's gonna be out on Balkan Connection's main label, on 23 september 2015, on Beatport and other major audio online vendors. To make sure that you can get it easy.

The album is a progressive house concept album, called Sector 1 which has also a story behind it, behind every track out of the total 8 on the album.

It's about a sector in space called Sector 1, which is populated with 3 close solar-system, that are inhabitable. A lot of races live there and all the audio tracks in this album are related with things that happen in this sector of space.

Theme is definitely in the sci-fi zone. Expect more than 1 albums to come after this one, at some point, called Sector 2, 3 etc.

..just thought to post some stuff here, because i've been idle on the news here for at least 2 years :) so.

Thanks for visiting my page and for your interest in my music.
have a great day june 2015

3 sep 2013

Finally started posting again on my website after almost 1 year of no comments :)
It must be a release for you, my beloved reader, that you finally will get updated stuff from me. (also feel free to check my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/xplor3)

What have I been up to the past year? Well, regular office job work + getting home and working some more on my personal webapp project which is getting close to 4 years in the making. It will be a great portal for the edm scene, to give you an insight to it, I will post links + some more data once I publish it (will be done - finnaly - around the end of this year, 2013).

At some point in august, this year, I was cleaning up some old files from back 1-2 years ago and managed to organize and clean the folders of some music projects and...I came up in 1 day with a full-lenght downtempo album (10 tracks, on which I am working as we speak to finish in few months, and send them to Seamless Recordings, I hope they will like it so I can publish my 2nd downtempo album), 6 athmo drum'n'bass tracks, 5 progressive tracks, excellent for an EP with Balkan Connection and various other tracks including some underground hip-hop beats and few house tracks. Will work on all of these for the next 4-6 months to get them done and ready.

So yes, past year worked mostly on my web project (no music) and now been taking up music again (seriously, again) and also finishing touches for my web project which is kinda done :) (too many bugs fixed of all sorts not to be ready).
Will post some more stuff / news once I get it. And oh, I hope I will find some time this week (due to my goodly part-time job) to update the audio section of my website and maybe add some new feedback / reviews as well, and maybe update my pic too (a good friend of mine with a great DSLR helped me with some new pics) :)

Until next time, cheers my beloved fan :)

14 dec 2012

I haven't been posting stuff on my personal website for more than 1 year and 6 months. No worries, I've been active and working a lot, music-wise between feb 2012 till august 2012 I've been doing some remixes and 1 EP with Balkan Connection which got a lot of positive results. I'm gonna post the reviews I got on these soon. Also I'm caught in a project that I've been developing for about 3 years now which involves music mainly, a web portal for artists and labels, more like a tool that help them work together and also a great frontpage where other people can see what's going on in the dance scene.

Will keep you posted.

Cheers, xplore

ps. I also finally moved to Bucharest in my own place and I set up a little studio where I can produce my tracks. So yey! Finally, things are getting on the right track for me. No more "no-money-for-coffee-and-starving-producer-attitude" :)) THere, I've said it.

15 july 2011

I'm back producing and mixing

Soon I'll start working on new EDM and downtempo tracks and probably start mixing in the weekends as well. For now, the next 2 months I will be busy with finalizing a web project i've been working on since october last year which will be hosted on www.electronicdancemusic.net. It will be a tool for the record labels and artists and great promotion for them as well. I'm not saying more since it's still underconstruction. I will keep you posted on that one.

12 july 2011

Time Travel Remixes (incl. Kasey Taylor)

Pure Substance Digital has finally released an EP containing long-time-favourite Time Travel track remixed by Kasey Taylor himself alongside Nomean and Tobias Hoppe, my Pure.FM radioshow buddy. Kasey Taylor remix has already got some great reviews so far. Check them on the reviews page and also check out the whole release on Beatport.com here

6 july 2011

5 years of international exposure

On the 6th of june, this year, I mark 5 years of international exposure meaning lots of tracks and remixes released with indie electronic dance music record labels around the globe. 5 years of official recognition + 6 years of accumulating knowledge and experimenting with tracks + 2 years of first studio contact + 2 years of beginnings and exploring Amiga - Atari style music + 4 years of music school. Now that's something :) And even now in 2011, in my 6 months break from music when I haven't completed any audio track, I still tried last evening working on a track on my newly acquired laptop with no-drum-samplings-what-so-ever on my hdd, and just few *included synths that Ableton comes with, using some 2 dollar in-ear Chinese-made headphones, in a room with my aunt watching soap-opera tv novels full throttle. The only quality things were Ableton-engine and my oldskool refurbished-and-upgraded IBM T60 ThinkPad and if you add to that, my producer techniques, you can imagine what track came up in the first 20 minutes. And because the setup was running while sitting on an unusual couch that is kinda harsh on sitting in the same spot for more than 20 minutes, I shutdown the whole track-making process dreaming for better days (...when i'll have my own house/room). Just a quick update on what I do these days...keep in touch, you, my greatest reader, and hopefully I'll have better news the next weeks so you can read and enjoy. Xpl.

25 jun 2011

Close to renting me an apartment in Bucharest

Update for the past 5 months. I've been totally off music, since I was running in circles with producing and not having a dollar sometimes to have a good cup of coffee as I like to say about these situations. You all know indie music producers are really hard with sales these days so I took a chance and got hired in a great city that I really love, Bucharest, which was about 100km from my home town, it is where I work now and live. I'm close to renting myself an apartment soon (1-2 weeks now) so I can finally set up my little studio in the heart of the big city where lots of music minded people are.

I will update more on this in few weeks. Wish me luck :-)

13 jan 2011

I launched my 2nd album (progressive house) called 44 Light Years

Xplore - 44 light years (the album)The tracklisting :

Ancient Artefact
Space Object 7
Orbiting the 3rd Planet
Emerald Amulet (Breaks Mix)
Emerald Amulet (Ambient Mix)
Orange Moon
Ion Drive
Time Travel (re-edit)
Solar System


1 oct to 1 dec

Remixed half of Metric new album, in a remix competition

I have 6 remixed songs over the period october - december (so 2 months).
I am waiting for the judges, fingers crossed :)

1 oct to 1 dec

Started working on MYL:abel, a side project aimed at record labels and clubbers usage

Will soon launch it, meaning, somewhere in between february and march 2011.

3 sept 2010

N1M got me featured (NumberOneMusic.com)

Thanks Number One Music :) After 1 month of posting 3 of my latest tracks, I have around 2000 plays and got featured in the today's top 5. Cheers

Xplore : NumberOneMusic Top5

2 sept 2010

autumn is here

I don't know if you already feel it, cause you might live in the balearic area, mediteranean or other tropical countries but here one thing you definitely feel when it's coming, after hot months of summer is the autumn. Is that cool feeling in the air, everybody getting back to school, more serious times and producers go back in their little studios and start working on stuff, as usual. As of today, also, on top10 downloads on Balkan Connection page on Beatport, my remix of Da Game Boy hit straight no.8, in it's excusive promotion period, which means people still like it, even if it's more expensive than usual.

Enjoy these first days of autumn.


21 aug 2010

Top 10 Downloads on Balkan Connection (Brighter Purple EP)

Xplore : Balkan Connection Top10 - 21 august 2010 - Brighter Purple EP

17 aug 2010

Beatport.com has now also an Exclusive spot for us :) Thanks guys, much appreciated :)

Xplore : 6PM (the album) - exclusive on Beatport (the chillout section)

17 aug 2010

Beatport.com have chosen 6PM as Featured Release. Awesome!

Xplore : 6PM (the album) - featured release on Beatport chillout section

16 aug 2010

here is where you can look up few other artists that were featured on 6PM album

Here are the links to the 2 of the most valuable singers/vocalists/composers/text arrangers and creators that I have worked with so far :

http://www.martahristea.ro/ (Marta Hristea / Rotterdam / vocalist)

http://www.ravennam.com/ (Ravenna Michalsen / United States / vocalist)

16 aug 2010

my downtempo album is out (6PM now on all major digital internet stores)

Xplore - 6PM (the album)Tracklisting

1. Chilling Downstairs (intro)

2. Blu Velvet (instrumental)

3. Easy Life

4. That Thing (with Ravenna Michalsen)

5. Tell Me This (with Ravenna Michalsen)

6. Semi-Conductors (part 1)

7. Detective Clarks Green New Hat

8. Semi-Conductors (part 2)

9. Blu Velvet (with Marta Hristea)

10. You Are My Sunshine

11. Rainy Day Coffee (with Marta Hristea)

link to listen (and buy)


Story behind it

it has been roughly produced between the year of 2005 and 2008. In the beginning there were a lot of tracks which I was planning to release as a downtempo compilation edited in Romania as "Blue Velvet". Eventually, plans changed and I wisely chose a UK editor and publisher (Seamless Recordings, based in London) and Blu Velvet became one of the tracks on the album. The name of the album, 6PM came to me when I thought of the whole bunch of the tracks, pretty easily, that late  afternoon feeling when you feel a bit more relaxed cause day is almost done, you've no much stuff to do, but sun is relaxing and you've got few more hours to chill.

The album itself is a collection of various tracks which use same quality, downtempo beats. From chilly morning sunny "You are my sunshine" to spy-breaks "Detective Clarks...", to loungey "Chilling downstairs", to electronic beats and treats in Semi-Conductors (part 1 and 2), to eclectic electronica productions with dharma music singer Ravenna Michalsen (yes, she's from the States), and finally to jazzy-downtempo-vocalish productions with Marta Hristea, it's all an all-round-original biskuit for ya :))





16 aug 2010

remix of Da Game Boy (Mathilde EP) is out with Balkan

Yes, it's officially out. Record label : Balkan Connection. Check it out here

10 aug 2010

Brighter Purple EP got FEATURED Release on Beatport!

Xplore : Brighter Purple EP gets featured release on Beatport!

9 aug 2010

Brighter Purple EP is out! (exclusively 1 month on Beatport)

Yes, it's officially out. Record label : Balkan Connection. Check it out here

1 august 2010

My studio room is being reconstructed (hardwood floors + insulation on walls + painting)

The whole reconstruction will take a while, aprox 2-3 weeks, but i'm very curious to see how everything feels and sound after the thick wooden hardfloors is placed in and the thick insulation applied on the walls (2 walls + ceiling). I think the sound will have great personality and the masters would sound much smoother. Thanks dad :)

Xplore : My studio room, august 2010

28 july 2010

Brighter Purple EP with Balkan Connection is almost out...

...on the 9th of august will be out, now it's on the promo period, check the reviews menu, i'll put the comments on there.....also the downtempo album with Seamless, will be out on major online shops (Amazon. iTunes, Beatport) starting 16th of august. Can't wait..

24 july 2010

my birthday :)

I got together with some friends (among which some old ones) playing cards till 4 am in our fav tea-house, I also got books as presents (yey! have a lot of nice stuff to read)

20 july 2010

july was website work month

I had to do some website work for a friend so almost all the hot month of july was for this...

24 june 2010

remix for Emma Roberts (Australia)

Another remix done for my friend Aaron Philips ; track is called Waking up inside and it's a bit of prog, a bit of simple trance on the commercial side (but not bad), and a bit of vocal on it. Very nice, happy stuff.

10 june 2010

more work month :)

6 remixes finished last month and i'm now polishing them off (not releasing them yet to the labels, I need to have them in full shape, even tho' they sound good).

15 may 2010

work month

It seems that may this year is work month for me. 5-6 remixes from Arion Gray, already started, 2 almost finished and also 3 new tracks for Andrew's label. Lots of stuff...

21 apr 2010

new website i'm working on

213I'm setting up a local romanian community of electronic music producers and activists like deejays and people that are active in the scene who write articles and take interviews.

Site is in romanian (native language) so all ye other folks who want to read on, just translate it with Google. Google Chrome browser has this option integrated so it will ask you to do so.

Website is located at the moment at http://news.itraining.ro and it is underconstruction, upgrades are being made to the site and first articles are being written.

I'll start finalizing the site when i'll have a place to host it.

Update june 2011 (website was developed as code, but never released yet. Will wait some more time until I will find the proper way to release and continue the project, if the time becomes available for it.)

20 apr 2010

Space Radio Frequency EP (2 tracks) out soon

Xplore : Space Radio Frequency EP coming soon

It's official, Matt agreed on releasing in may this year, 2 unsigned tracks from me, which will be out on Space Radio Frequency EP (on his label), in the month of june.

19 apr 2010

cleanup and backup saves :) feels like spring, doesn't it ?

Yes, spring hdd cleanup and cd backup. Wicked. I feel totally nice and organized now.
..and since no good thing doesn't come with another of the kind, i found lots of tracks that i forgot about, not finished. So now i got around 16 new unfinished tracks, most of which are downtempo, which i need to finish now and then, when i work on me computa. :) over and out

15 apr 2010

My studio walls get new look

Xplore : music studio april 08, 2010, Pitesti

12 apr 2010

"6pm" album is goona be out in 4 months. whoa, that's a lot of weeks :)

Xplore : 6PM album is going to be out with Seamless Records in 4 months
Yes, a journey through different states of aliveness, in a big chunky old dusted and jazzy city, it all happens in the afternoon, when sun is down and light is orangey-red.
Jazzy, introspection, nu-beat, etc, etc it will be out in june with Seamless, i can't wait. that's after may month, in case you forgot :)

Digital and cd support.

12 apr 2010

Take on EP is out on Beatport.com!

Xplore : Take On EP is out on Beatport
We had 1 sale of each track in the 1st day. Thats great :P
Keep it like this folks that and i'll be rich in the next 3 years :)

5 apr 2010

possible release of 2 tracks with Segment / UK

Xplore : future collaboration with Segment Records/UK

Talked to Matt about my 2 unsigned tracks and he's keen in listening them later on these days and probably sign up a new EP with him on these 2 which may or may not feature also few remixes.

2 apr 2010

april release schedule

Xplore : Seamless Recordings april release scheduleXplore : Vise Versa april release schedule

April release schedule is the following :

12 april - Beatport - Viseversa (2 tracks)
Take On EP (Take on and Far away)

19 april - Beatport - Seamless Records (1 track)
Budai & Vic - Suntan Warriorz (xplore mix)

2nd of apr 2010

2 more unsigned tracks ready

Called "Prog thing 1" and "2". Prog thing 1 is prog track not really finished up but ready to listen, bass has too many harmonics and stands out too much of the FM synthesis of which 80% of the track is made, and "2" is a techno-ish track with surpise prog elements, will let you know soon where these 2 will find their place or where I will be releasing them

26th of mar 2010

Finished soundproofing my studio room. Yey !!

Xplore : finished soundproofing the studio room, 26 mar, 2010

26th of mar 2010

2 track EP for Viseversa Records (Andrew K's label)

Xplore : 2 track EP for Viseversa Music
Handed out 2 tracks to Andrew and he said he has an opening in the future releases so this is probably going to be out even end of march or early april.

Tracks called : Take On and Far away.

25th of mar 2010

Next on Pure Substance : Kenshi EP

Xplore : Kenshi EP on Pure Substance Records

Kenshi is a 1 year and more old track that me and Ange (Russian singer/DJ) did so we need to get it out until it gets too old. Kenny@PureSubstance will take care of that and probably early april it will see the green light of Beatport.

1st of mar 2010

Balkan Connection 1 remix done + 2 track EP and remixes out soon

Xplore : Balkan Connection 1 remix done + 2 track EP and remixes out soon

Remix on Dolei - Santiago Garcia for Balkan Connection (Ogi) and also 1 EP coming out, that's spring news from me.

The EP is called Brighter Purple and has 3 tracks : Brighter Purple (progressive mix), Brighter Purple (breaks mix) and We got cash (original mix) which is housey track.

1st of dec 2009

the prog. album is coming out pretty good

The album is coming out very good, i need to give titles to songs in total i have around 14 already, need to finish them up also. Already talked with Pure Substance about it, the album is probably going to be out somewhere next year.

1st of sep 2009

2 remixes for Seamless

Xplore : 2 remixes for Seamless

Started working on 2 remixes for Seamless Recordings.
AmuseBoosh and Suntan Warriorz, i'm planning to do more than just 1 remix for each. Tracks sound very neat.

27th of jul 2009

Start workin on my 1st concept progressive album

I've started working and it looks good, it seems ideeas keep flowing every day.

1 may 2009

Finished @ university

Yeyy! I'm finally done with 5 years university (1 had to redo cause of just one exam).
So now i'm all set up, i will take a 3 month vacation to enjoy spring and beginning of summer, it's beautiful here in this period of the year. Cheers to me :) Forest all day and walking everywhere.

28th of nov 2008

Back to work

Xplore is back to work. Among few various projects including some website building, he's finished doing a Beginner Training Tutorials (7 lessons) for Reason 4.0, you can find them on iTraining.ro. Also he started working again on his tracks and looking forward to some deejay gigs soon.

23nd of oct 2008

Studio Upgrade

Today i finally upgraded my studio with 2 important items : the brand new computer and also a pair of Alesis M1Active 620 studio monitors.

Computer is powered by a E8400 Core 2 Duo 3.0Ghz processor with 4GB of dual-chan Mushkin rams and other hi-quality components inside. The speakers are excellent upgrade to the little studio i have here, here's a quick preview picture of it.
Xplore : brand new studio upgrade, 23 oct, 2008

22nd of aug 2008

Matias Chilano - In flight (xplore remix) out on Lups Records / Netherlands

Will be out soon on Jacco@Work's own record label (Lups Records) based in Netherlands.

21th of july 2008

Erk remix for Vise Versa Music - out on Beatport!

My version of Erk track remixed for Vise Versa Music is done. Everything will sound much better after the upgrade to my home studio is done :)

10th of july 2008

12 track Lounge compilation signed with Seamless Records / UK

Xplore : 12 track lounge compilation signed with Seamless Recordings / UK
I signed my first downtempo album collection of lounge tracks produced over the last 3 years is to be released with Seamless /UK. Puro Beach has grown its reputation and it is something similar to Buddha Bar compilation and this is one of the series, alongside Bargrooves, that Seamless is getting out over the last years.


9th of july 2008

Atari 400 EP released on Beatport TODAY!

Xplore : Atari 400 EP released on Beatport.com today!
My last work of art :P which is actually almost 1 year old is about to be released on Beatport. It is doing fine so far on promorelease.com (Canadian promo webportal), heading at no. 5 right now and will be soon out on Beatport to get into your case as well..

It consists of 5 tracks that are a blend of prog, minimal, tech and electronica with a pretty much original concept, purely simple tracks if you ask me.

So yes, check it out soon. (i will be back producing soon in after the month of august).

Respect :) ..and check on the Reviews section the reviews on it that just came in...

30th of june 2008

Retrobyte - Doperope (Xplore japan future transportation mix)

Did a remix for Retrobyte (Chris Norman) which is pretty much ok.

16th of may 2008

DCM - Dreams (2 remixes on that) available soon in the Audio section to download in full.

Good news.

Gudowski set me up with a remix deal for DCM's track called Dreams. I gave him 2 remixes which will be up soon on his Netlabel for you to download it for free. I will put it here in the Audio section as well in the free download section.

19th of march 2008

News for the last 3 months :)

So...i realized that for the past 3 months i didn't write anything here.....:))

YEY....because i'm back, i needed to fill in the gap...what i did was...january : prparing for my exams, february : taking the exams.
March : got sick 2 weeks and now i'm back.

To be sure that i don't take the exams twice, i decided to take a break from the music scene, even tho' i was totally doing stuff there. So i took a break 2 months, took my exams and now i'm back.

Even tho i will be pretty busy with school until the month of july (*my last year at university, last exams, big paper to write - 70 pages or so, etc, etc) i'm totally back and also working and doing things in the music scene...cannot stay away for long anyways :)

Best thing that happened in the 3 months that i didn't write anything is the offer from Kenny (Pure Substance owner) to join his Pure.FM monthly 2 hr show as a host (which is happening actually now as well, along with german Tobias Hoppe). I was and am very happy to be part of / represent the Pure Substance team and i really hope i will bring the good vibes around along with my partner / host Tobias.

All the best to you all, happy spring and bring the happy vibes. Peace out.

24th of december 2007

Xmas gift - 2 remixes played in Anjunabeats Worldwide hosted by Junk Science

Xplore : 2 remixes played in Anjunabeats Worldwide hosted by Junk Science
Junk Science played on the 16th of december on his
show hosted on DI.FM 2 of my latest remixes (Gudowski and Python).

Anjunabeats Worldwide 049 with Junk Science (16-12-2007)

01. F-Sonik - Mad House (Masque Remix)
02. Julian Jeweil - Air Conditionne (Umek Remix)
03. Maher Daniel - Erk
04. Thomas Langner & Lucjan - Manggha
05. Leoni & Andrew K - Next To Me (Johan Vermeulen Dub)
06. Hernan Gutmer - Magic Hole
07. Claudio Bonaldi & Leonardo Roa - Global Warming (Thomas Langner Remix)
08. Jose Acosta - Unconditional Thoughts
09. Simon Firth - Unbeatable (DC Project Defeated Remix)
10. Michael Cassette - Fox And A Shooting Star
11. Gudowski - Late Night Trip (Xplore's Full On Remix)
12. Eelke Kleijn - Monsters Of The Deep (Bart Van Wissen Remix)
13. Python - Expectation (Xplore Remix)
14. Mikobene & Fusion F - Rotary
15. Johan Gielen - Okinawa Sunset (Andy Duguid Remix)
16. Maor Levi - Shapes
17. DC Project - Sacala A Bailar
18. Glenn Morrison - No Suden Moves
19. Genix - Phused (Marcus Schossow Remix)

20th of december 2007

Sasha plays Expectation remix :)

Xplore : Sasha plays Expectation remix

At his last Ministry of Sound session, rumor has it Sasha's been playing one of the Python - Expectiation remixes...was that mine ? :)

13th of december 2007

Python - Expectation EP (incl. Xplore remix) - check out review section :)

Xplore : Python - Expectation (xplore remix)

Python- Expectation EP is out ( @ Pure Substance Records ).

Cool remixes, nice ep (check out 4mal remix on it, great club filler as usual, this guy never stops to amaze)

I got 8 notices in the reviews, check them out at reviews section.

7th of december 2007

Gudowski - Late night trip EP (incl. Xplore remix) - check out review section too

Xplore : Gudowski - Late night trip EP (incl. Xplore remix)

The early reviews for remixes on Gudowski's Late Night Trip EP came in. Check them out at the Reviews section.
Again, very good feedback from my people :)

7th of december 2007

Atari 400 EP (scheduled to be released 1st of january 2008)

Xplore : Atari 400 EP scheduled to be released 1st of january 2008
Carica DEEP will release my next EP (Atari 400) which will have around 5 tracks (NY6pm, Atari 400, Orange drop, One is two, Rise up).

ALL tracks are experimental for me. I know you're used to listen prog tunes or sometimes breaks but this time, on the influence of a lot of minimal going on around me, i was experimenting and so i got up these 5 tracks which will be released somewhere around 22 january in 2008.

I know minimal isn't the choice of many but we cannot neglect certain styles, we need to explore those sides too...so grab it while it's hot, they will be up on Beatport :)

6th of december 2007

Finally, M-Audio keyrig 49 for me

Xplore : got new M-Audio 49 keysFinally i got me MIDI controller (for producing not deejaying/Ableton/etc). Keyrig 49 it's a cool toy, especially because it looks awesome when you get it, you cannot even try to compare it to the pictures on the web. It's huge (almost twice as big as a standard Apple keyboard), has 49 keys (*:)) and it makes cool sounds when teamed with good software. It's a real deal :)

Umm and it's full USB (so no MIDI cables).

18th of november 2007

Jessi Malay remix - Warner Brothers

Finished the remix for Warner Brothers (aye, that's pretty big!) and looking forward to their response. The finished result is a drum'n'bass remix both 3:40 radio edit + 8 min extended.

I really love this one and hope i could put a sample up for you here but i haven't heard from them yet so i don't know yet if it's gonna be published at all..anyways, i'm glad i did this one remix, to me it sounds excellent. (original track is a underground dark hip-hop track with cool vocals).

25th of october 2007

Arthur Deep - Friends EP

The remix on the original track "Friends" from russian Arthur Deep is done.
Style is progressive but with a prog - trancier edge, on the happy side :)
I'll post the artwork on that one as soon as it's ready.

24th of october 2007

Road to nothing remix

Xplore : Namatjira - Road to Nothing remix

The remix is out on Beatport in 12 days (5 november).

"Road to nothing" of Namatjira (who is dutch producer by the way) is composed of 3 tracks : original mix and 2 remixes, Hernan Gutmer and me.

The original track is very well worked and samples very well chosen...i did a version with more electronic like sounds but still keeping most of the analogue-like original sounds.

4st of october 2007

1 hour set on House Pacifique radio in Montreal

Xplore - 1 hour set aired on House Pacifique radio, Montreal
Big Al / Ready Mix Records set me up for 1 hour set on House Pacifique / Montreal in his show called Ready Mix Sessions. You can listen to the set here

8 days after the set was uploaded on House Pacifique radio website we already got 35,847 downloads.

Also great feedback from the guys at House Pacifique. Respect.

30th of september 2007

Bs As Deep - The last angel (xplore mix)

Xplore : Bs As Deep - The last angel (xplore mix)

Artwork is done for the 5th EP on Carica Deep (StereoK) featuring remixes on Bs As Deep's : The last angel.

Featuring 1 original track and 3 remixes, one from me.

Style of my remix is pretty much weird : not progressive house or even progressive trance or a sort of mix between electronica and one of those.

It's some sort of funky minimal grooves, (but not necesarily minimal like style).

You have to listen to the full track to know if you're gonna play it or not :)

19th of september 2007

Road to nowhere - remix for Vise Versa new label done

Xplore : Road to nowhere - remix for Vise Versa new label done
Remix is done, waiting a few more days to do some more things to it but yes, the main thing is done and I must tell I enjoyed working on this one a bunch lot more than on usual remixes I get, probably because the whole sound is coming from UK alternative scene. I totally love this one song.

16th of september 2007

Exams are done :)

Finally my 4 autumn examns are done...they took a lot of enery for the past 3 weeks...

31st of august 2007

3 remixes done for Pure Substance Digital

Xplore : 3 remixes done for Pure Substance Digital

1 remix for Python's Expectation track and 2 more remixes for Gudowski's Latenighttrip are done.

Release is scheduled somewhere in december this year or spring next year.

24th of august 2007

DJ Kira plays all Time Travel EP tracks in his 1hr show "The genre show"

Xplore : DJ Kira plays all Time Travel EP tracks in his radioshow
Dj Kira plays Aquatic People, Near the energy core and Time travel in his 1hr set called "The genre show" on aug 24 on Frisky Radio.


22nd of august 2007

Time Travel track in Beatport.com progressive house top 100

Xplore : Time Travel track in Beatport.com progressive house top 100

2 weeks after the release, Time travel track is at #41 in Beatport's progressive house top 100.

10th of august 2007

1hr set on Immersed, D-phrag's radio show on Frisky Radio

Xplore : 1hr set on Immersed, D-phrag's radio show on Frisky Radio

3rd of august 2007

Time travel EP out now on Beatport.com

Xplore : Time travel EP out now on Beatport.com
Time Travel EP is finnaly out. It contains 3 tracks :

-Time Travel (as featured on Hernan Cattaneo's Sequential vol.2)
-Aquatic people
-Near the energy core

The concept behind this EP is based on the Enterprise tv series which I closely watched for about 2 months. All track titles are inspired from movie concepts. I hope you'll enjoy this one release. Peace out.

1st of august 2007

Lounge/downtempo compilation

I already have 10 tracks (and still counting) that are ready to be remastered, voice-overed and all that to set up my first lounge compilation. The tracks are done during this year and half of last year and will hopefully be out soon. I'll keep you posted.

28th of may 2007

Soak - Miraflores (xplore remix) is out with Underground Lessons / Greece

Xplore : Soak - Miraflores (xplore remix) is out with Underground Lessons / Greece

You can find it on Beatport + other major music vendors. One of the remixes is done by me.

11th of may 2007

1hr set on Immersed, D-phrag's radio show on Frisky Radio

Xplore : 1hr set on Immersed, D-phrag's radio show on Frisky Radio

30th of march 2007

Hernan Cattaneo signs up "Time travel" for his 2 X CD compilation

Xplore : Hernan Cattaneo signs up "Time travel" for his 2 X CD compilation

It's official, Mr. Cattaneo signs up the title track of the "Time travel" EP for his own
2 X CD compilation, Sequential which is to be released 30th of april on Renaissance / UK.

Full EP + remixes are going to be released on Pure Substance Records somewhere this summer.

11th of march 2007

Soak - Miraflores remix done

Just finished working on a new remix for Andrew K's label, Underground Lessons Digital on Soak - Miraflores. Soon to be out on Beatport.

1st of march 2007

First track together with Pagal (RO)

Xplore : First track together with Pagal (RO)

Pagal and I got together and made a progressive house track..nothing special, we ain't gonna release it, we just tried to see what we can get out....seems that in few days, with uncertain setup (we were working on the setup while working on the track) we managed to get something out :) next time will be better

25th of january 2007

Markus Schultz - Global Deejay Broadcast

Xplore : Markus Schultz - Global Deejay Broadcast




Markus plays my new remixed track from Jose Acosta, Soundness, in his weekly set, Global Deejay Broadcast. Yeyy!!

22nd of january 2007

Armin Van Buuren deejay support

Xplore : Armin Van Buuren deejay support

Armin Van Buuren supports new remixed track, Jose Acosta - Soundness (Xplore rmx).
Armin likes me track :)

1st of january 2007

Happy new year!

Back from the mountain holidays, getting back to releaseing some good quality tracks...
I wish you all a happy new year

1st of december 2006

Time Travel EP to be released with Pure Substance Digital

Finished up the 3 tracks of Time Travel EP. The EP is going to be released during next year (2007) with Pure Substance Digital.

20th of november 2006

Jose Acosta's Soundness remixed

Xplore : Jose Acosta's Soundness remixed

Finished remixing for Jose Acosta's track Neptune, release scheduled on the 8th of january 2007 with Underground Lessons Digital of Greece.

10th of october 2006

Blue Haze EP

Xplore : Blue Haze EP

I teamed up with Underground Lessons / Greece, Andrew K's progressive label to release Blue Haze EP which contains 2 original tracks and 3 remixes; genre : progressive house.

The EP is gonna be released on the 20th of november and out on Beatport, Juno and Resonant Vibes.

20th of july 2006

Fiberline Records

Xplore gears up with Fiberline Records for more remixes and future coming album.

8th of july 2006

Fiberline Records

Xplore - Kemek - Shibuya (xplore remix)

Signed up with Fiberline Records for the Kemek - Shibuya remix. The remix genre is progressive breaks, with a minimal vinylistic touch (see audio section for a quick preview).

The track is available on the Fiberline Records online shop.

5th of june 2006

Russia vs Romania EP

Xplore : Russia vs Romania EP out with Pure Substance
: PSD009 :

the 1st international release with Pure Substance along with DP-6 (which is made up of 2 russian progressive deejays/producers)

Russia vs Romania Substance EP is
a 5 track EP consisting of mainly progressive beats and one breaks track.

Tracks are available to listen in the audio section. You can get them at Beatport.